All the info for the Hornby Challenge Ride

Now in its fourth year, the Bon Coeur Hornby Challenge Ride offers an unique opportunity for riders to test their courage and skill over the Bedale Point to Point Course. The ride, which covers a circuit and a half of the Hornby Castle track, is open to young and old and has quickly become a favourite on point to point day.

The Course

The Challenge will take place over approx 1.5 circuits of the Point to Point Course covering approx 1.9Miles and 10 fences commencing at the far side of the course and finishing at the winning post on the second occasion of passing it, but omitting the open ditch.
The Optimum Time will be described as a “good steady hunting gallop”, and as a guide is set at Intermediate BE Eventing pace [550m per minute] . The optimum time is an important underpin parameter as this is the key differential, that this is a RIDE and not a Race.


For horses, geldings or mares which are 5 yo and over and which do not hold a current qualification certificate to run in point to points and are not in training to run in races under National Hunt rules or on the Flat in the current season.

To be ridden by riders, aged 16 years and over, who do not hold a current certificate to ride in point to points, or a permit or licence to ride under national hunt rules.

Horses must have valid passports and up to date vacaninations.


Qualification : Riders must be deemed “competent to ride” with a reference signed on their entry form by their local Hunt Secretary. The Ride Committee reserve the right to refuse an entry. Professional Jump Jockeys with a current certificate and Riders with a current Point To Point Certificate in the current season may not enter.

Dress : Body Protectors and Helmets in accordance with Point to Point Rules.
Dress for Riders will be either , Hunting Attire or Dressed for Racing. Tack will be inspected in the paddock prior to racing by the Paddock Steward for safety and serviceability. Surcingles must be fitted and horses may not leave the Paddock without a surcingle.
Watches may NOT be worn, including any stopwatches, timing devices, phones. No outside assistance regarding the time will be acceptable.

Weigh out: All riders must weigh out and concurrently pick up their number. All horses will wear a number cloth.

Safety briefing: There will be a briefing for all Riders  by the Chairman. The time of the Briefing and course walk will be advertised on Race day at the Secretary’s tent. Failure to attend the briefing will mean disqualification unless prior permission granted.

Declarations : At the Secretary’s tent in the same manner as for racing. Horse Passports must be presented and the vaccinations will be checked. Failure to produce a valid passport with current vaccinations will result in disqualification prior to the Ride.

The Winner

The winner will be the horse and rider who complete the course in a time closest to the optimum time. The winner will be awarded the Hornby Challenge Trophy.

The Ride Challenge Cups will be awarded for the Gentleman Rider and the Lady Rider who complete the course nearest the optimum time.

The Optimum Time will be confirmed by the Chairman.


Should be made to the Point-to-Point Secretary as usual. Entry Forms available here

Max Number of Entries: 16
Balloting, if required, will be conducted by the Ride Committee, made up of the P2P Chairman, P2P Sec, the Ride Chairman and a nominated Bedale Master. Any disputes will be resolved by the Ride Committee and their decision will be final. .

The Chairman will ensure there are no conflicts of interests within the Ride Committee and has the discretion to alter the composition if required.

Entry Fee : £60.00, which will include a £15.00 donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Entry Forms available on the Bedale Hunt Website, the Bedale Point to Point website and the Hunt Secretary.

Entries for the Hornby Challenge Ride will close on Friday 01 April 2017 .

It is essential to have completed entry forms, signed by the local Hunt Secretary, along with payment [ made out to the Bedale Hunt ] with the Entries Sec by this date.

In the event of a withdrawal after 1st April 2017, entry fees will not be refunded.

The Entries Sec is ; Mrs J Furness, Knowle House, Kirby Knowle, Thirsk, YO72JB

The Hornby Challenge RIDE at the Bedale Hunt Point to Point, Saturday  09 April 2016

Time of race : approx 5.00pm/ tbc as last race

Safety Factor : 16

Declare by: 3.00pm

The committe would like to thank Bon Coeur Fine Wines for their kind support of this event.

The 2016 edition of the Hornby Challenge Ride

Katherine Ford